About Us

Identifying opportunities

In the early 2000’s there was a large shortage of high quality, affordable HDPE storage containers required by various industries. In order to plug this gap, Karob Plastics was founded and our first machine was purchased. Over the years we have maintained our commitment to providing technically advanced products and superior service to our customers. And since 2005, we have not only grown, but surpassed the quality of even our highest expectations.

Becoming a market leader

We have been a market leader in the manufacturing of 5lt, 20lt and 25lt plastic containers and 10lt buckets since 2005. In 2023 we launched our range of 1lt & 2lt rectangular containers.

We are also ISO 9001 certified and conform to the standards set by the European market.

Advanced engineering

We offer superior quality products using technologically advanced processes backed by fast turnaround times. Our machines are used optimally, and this includes ensuring they comply with global manufacturing trends and requirements.

Our plant is supported by energy efficient mechanisms to ensure that we contribute to sustainability, while being able to assure our clients that our production never stops.